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Irish Wolfhound




Heleti-Grejsi (GREJSI)

Residence - Latvia, Riga
Owner - T.Podolaka

D. b. 09.08.1991 - 28.10.1991
Sex - bitch

Sire - Hassini Sagittarius
Dam - Bajadera Z Klanu Goliata

  • Pedigree

  • About dog

    We have been together with Greijsi for not so long time. It is difficult to tell what went wrong, but suddenly she felt very bad and our veterinary service could not help her anymore. At that time the level of veterinary proficiency was very low thus the correct diagnosis was not put for Greijsi. We were told that Greijsi had problems with her heart which were inherited. It was a big shock for me. So I decided that Irish wolfhounds are not my type of breed. We were together with Greijsi for such a short period of time, but she will always remain in my memory as my little beloved Irish wolfhound.