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Irish Wolfhound
Sassatown Big Ben


Sassatown Big Ben

Sassatown Big Ben

Sassatown Big Ben (Kesha)

Residence - Estonia
Owner - Tatjana Podolaka
Breeder - Harto Stockmari

D. b. 14.02.2010
Sex - male
Colour - brindle

Sire - Stranger`s Del Alte
Dam - Stranger`s Fanny Price

  • Pedigree
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  • Lithuanian Junior Champion (LT J CH)
  • Latvian Junior Champion (LV J CH)

  • Health: eye clean - 29.08.11, HD-AA; ED-00.Heart check: clinically healthy - 13.07.2011. onkotest - negativs - 30.11.2010

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    About dog

    3 x LT J CAC
    LV J CAC
    LT CAC
    BOB (Best of Breed)
    BIG 2

    "Earlier I thought that a flat is too small for an IW. Now, when I have my Irish wolfie, when we live together, I think that my shepherd even needs more place in the flat than my Kecunja. :))) Frankly speaking Kesha is still a hooligan. When I leave them both at home alone, Kesha `ceans up` the flat: things are taken off the table and sillings.:) To his activities I can add also one teared blouse, a couple of T-shirts, my evening shoes, my husband`s winter boots - the other gnawed things are just not so important. But now the family is looking after order in the flat - they do not leave things thrown about. When I saw his activities coming home I just could not stop to laugh. My husband was not so understanding :) I don`t know why this chaos gives me so much of positive emotions???

    Kesha has been chewing at the wheel in my car. That was when we started to take my shepherd to a training ground and I left Kesha alone in the car. Kesha had to wait in the car and then I took him to the ground. When I came for my Kesha he was chewing the wheel in my car... I understood my mistake at once... I had left the car in the place where he could not see his mummy and he was upset - where is his mum, is everything OK? He had pushed even the alarm signal button in the car... I was joking that he did not chew at the wheel, but was searcing for the alarm siglnal to call his mummy... after that incident I always leave my car so that Kesha can see me and that everything is OK.
    But in general, the longer I live with him and the longer I know him the more I adore him. :)) And my family members as well..."
    Oksana Budziene