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Irish Wolfhound
Vejgari Plusha


Vejgari Plusha

Vejgari Plusha

Vejgari Plusha (Plusha)

Residence - Latvija
Owner - Tatjana Podolaka
Breeder - Tatjana Podolaka

D. b. 03.04.2015
Sex - bitch
Colour - brindle

Sire - Capuccino Cupcake From Castaway
Dam - Vejgari Myshka

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  • Latvian Champion (LV CH)

  • Health: PSS - negative. Heart check: clinically healthy - 22.04.2019

    About dog

    It is a long time since I was returned my puppy. But things happen in one`s life. Once in the morning I got a message that the owners have decided to part with Plusha. Shortly, the former owners simply were incompatible with her. Though I somehow do not understand how within almost four years of common life one cannot reach compatibility.

    I did not think long and said: bring her. And so in the eve of Orthodox Christmas 2019 Plusha returned to the place where she was born. That was a real blow for her. She yearned for her owner, ran to the gate and looked - maybe he will return, did not want to come into home, declined food and tasty bits. She had to fit in the new pack. How happy was I when once Plusha smiled at me. Now she is doing that regularly.

    The adaptation took about three months, when at last I understood that I can trust her and let her off the leash. How glad she was that she could run around in the forest! It looked like she wanted to be everywhere at once but did not know how to manage.

    She is a wonderful girl. My thanks to the former owners that they returned her to the kennel. I hope very much that Plusha will be as happy as I.